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Kyoto car painter makes deep-sea fish sculptures from driftwood

Some of the deep-sea fish that Hitomi Kanbayashi has made from driftwood are seen at the "Deep sea monster fish exhibition" in Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture, on Sept. 21, 2020. (Mainichi/Takuto Imanishi)
Hitomi Kanbayashi is seen with some of his works in Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture, on Sept. 21, 2020. (Mainichi/Takuto Imanishi)

MAIZURU, Kyoto -- A car painter in this western Japan city is holding an exhibition of deep sea creatures both factual and fictional that he has created using driftwood.

    Hitomi Kanbayashi, 68, who works at Car Paint Hitomi, has released 30 pieces for the "Deep-sea monster fish exhibition" at his workshop in Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture. Kanbayashi says he made the works while thinking about wanting children to grow up to be adults with rich imaginations.

    While Kanbayashi runs his automotive painting business, he also challenges himself to create things from driftwood that has been washed ashore at nearby Kanzaki Beach and other locations. He decides what to make based on the shape of the materials he finds.

    For this display he has used raw materials that set his imagination off to make a goosefish, a giant squid, crabs and other works with highly accentuated and arresting features. Kanbayashi said, "Exactly because this is the time of the internet, where we can easily get answers to things, occasions for thinking for ourselves have decreased. A person with a good imagination can also be a thoughtful person."

    The exhibition will run until Dec. 25, and will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. With the exception of being closed on Sundays, there will also be other unspecified closures. Entry is free.

    (Japanese original by Takuto Imanishi, Kyoto Bureau)

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