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Japan sales of Milo malt drink to be halted over difficulty obtaining imported ingredients

Nestle's Milo, whose sales will be suspended until at least March 2021, is pictured here. (Mainichi)

KOBE -- Sales of three chocolate and malt Milo beverage powders will be suspended due to difficulty securing a stable and continuous supply, Nestle Japan Ltd., headquartered in this western Japan city, announced.

    At the earliest, sales are expected to resume in March 2021.

    The products that will be suspended for the time being are the 240-gram Milo Original, the 700-gram Milo Original and the five-stick Milo Original.

    According to the announcement, sales of the 240-gram Milo halted in late September, but shipments resumed on Nov. 16. However, seven times the number of orders compared to the previous year have continued to come in, largely exceeding the company's planned supply. Nestle Japan explained that because the products' ingredients are imported from Singapore, it will take time for the company to rebuild a sufficient supply framework.


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