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Baby panda at Japanese zoo opens eyes for 1st time; public invited to suggest names

The baby giant panda is seen with its eyes open in this Jan. 7, 2021 photo provided by Adventure World.

SHIRAHAMA, Wakayama -- A giant panda cub born at a western Japan zoo in November last year has opened both its eyes for the first time.

    The female cub, which was originally thought to be male, was born on Nov. 22, 2020 at Adventure World zoo in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture. She opened both of her eyes 46 days after birth, according to the park. That's about the same time it took other panda cubs born at the facility to do so. Adventure World said it would be about another month before the cub can see clearly.

    The baby panda weighs 1,865 grams and is 48 centimeters long -- far bigger than the 157 grams and 20.5 centimeters she was at birth -- and is growing up healthily under the care of her mother Rauhin, age 20. Adventure World is set to put the mother and cub on public display as early as mid-January.

    The park is accepting name suggestions for its newest furry edition until Feb. 23, via a dedicated website.

    (Japanese original by Yukihiro Takeuchi, Tanabe Local Bureau)

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