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Japan bus stop with name that can be read 'Jo Baiden' becomes online hit

This photo taken on Jan. 21, 2021, shows the bus stop sign for Kami-Umeda, which also can be pronounced "Jo Baiden," in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture. (Mainichi/Yasushi Sasako)

SUKAGAWA, Fukushima -- As Joe Biden, inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on Jan. 20, gathers attention from all around the world, a bus stop in this northern Japan city is also attracting interest for having a name that, depending on how you read the Chinese kanji characters for it, can be pronounced "Jo Baiden."

    "Kami-Umeda," the bus stop on two routes operated by Fukushima Transportation Inc. is located in a quiet countryside area in western Sukagawa. One to three buses run on the routes every hour from morning until evening, linking JR Koriyama Station and other locations, and the bus stop has a small waiting room. Since Biden secured victory in the presidential election last November, the bus stop has become a popular topic on social media, etc. Fukushima Transportation's Sukagawa Sales Office has received inquiries from people, including those outside Fukushima Prefecture, asking where the bus stop is and how to get there.

    This photo taken on Nov, 10, 2020, shows the bus stop sign for Kami-Umeda, which also can be pronounced "Jo Baiden," in Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture. (Mainichi/Seiichiro Yanase)

    Head of the Sukagawa office said: "I'm thankful for people talking about it. As it is a quiet place usually, I hope they look at it (the stop) while riding a bus."

    Meanwhile, there is a bus stop with the same name in Ube in the western Japan prefecture of Yamaguchi, and it is also apparently becoming a hot topic.

    (Japanese original by Yasushi Sasako, Koriyama Local Bureau)

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