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Japan, US doctors' website offers vaccine info and entries on inoculation experience

A screenshot of a presentation slide taken from the website COV-Navi explaining the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines is shown here.

TOKYO -- Doctors in Japan and the United States have launched the website COV-Navi to provide comprehensible information on the effectiveness and side reactions of coronavirus vaccines.

    COV-Navi ( is administered by a group of some 30 individuals, including health care workers and researchers in the United States and Japan, headed by a doctor at Chiba University Hospital. The website contains basic information on vaccines and provides videos and presentation slides that are easy to understand.

    Comments from health care workers who were vaccinated in the United States are also shown. Their entries give specific descriptions on their health conditions following vaccination, such as "Pain in the part that was inoculated subsided after a couple of days," and "I felt sluggish after the second shot." They also provided pointers on what to be careful about after receiving inoculations, such as "As it's unknown what kind of side reactions will appear, it may be more relieving if you can have a flexible schedule on the day of and the day following vaccination."

    The website's administration is headed by Kensuke Yoshimura, a doctor at Chiba University Hospital who was responsible for making hospitalization arrangements and preparing the establishment of temporary medical facilities at the Chiba Prefectural Government's coronavirus task force headquarters, as well as quarantine at Narita International Airport. According to Yoshimura, accurate information on vaccines has not reached the general public nor health care workers. He said that he will strive toward providing information while also answering questions requiring specialized knowledge.

    The website has drawn a large response since it debuted on Feb. 7, and its Twitter account already has 13,000 followers. Yoshimura commented, "The choice of whether to be vaccinated or not is ultimately left to the discretion of the individual. I'd like to send out accurate information to be used for such decision-making."

    (Japanese original by Hidenori Yazawa, Lifestyle and Medical News Department)

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