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Japanese companies launch service to spray antivirus agent from drones at event venues

A drone sprays antiviral solvent during a demonstration at Portopia Hall in Kobe's Chuo Ward. (Photo courtesy of MiratecDrone Corp.)

KOBE -- Three Japanese companies have announced that in April they will launch a service to effectively coat event venues such as concert halls with antivirus agent using drones.

    The companies including Tokyo-based MiratecDrone Corp. said that their drones spray alcohol and an agent that quickly deactivates the coronavirus, and the effects last for long periods, adding, "We'd like to contribute to preventing contact infections at facilities where people gather."

    MiratecDrone, which operates drones and trains drone pilots, has a training facility in the city of Kobe. The company has been conducting proving tests since November 2020 in cooperation with Toko Tekko Co., headquartered in Odate, Akita Prefecture, which provides specialized drones, and Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture-based Suncrest Co., which produces antivirus and antibacterial goods.

    The solvent sprayed from the drones is called "Cu+Block," which contains alcohol and nanoparticles of a monovalent copper compound. Suncrest has been selling bottles of the solvent to general public since last December to spray it to personal items including masks. In cooperation with Nara Medical University and others, the company said it confirmed that spraying the solvent for even a short time has a long-term viral deactivation effect.

    The fee for the new drone service is 300,000 yen (about $2,700) including tax to spray areas up to 1,000 square meters. Each additional 100 square meters costs 15,000 yen (about $140). For a hall with about 2,000 square meters of floorspace, the spraying work would be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. For more information, contact MiratecDrone by phone at 03-5496-5851 (in Japanese).

    (Japanese original by Chikako Kida, Kobe Bureau)

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