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Japanese beer brewing giant Asahi launches mug-cans

A version of Asahi's Super Dry with a top that comes off entirely to make a "mug" of beer. (Image courtesy of Asahi Breweries Ltd.)
The new canned beer that was launched on April 6. (Image courtesy of Asahi Breweries Ltd.)

TOKYO -- A major brewery in Japan has launched a beer can with a fully opening top, making it feel like you're guzzling your suds from a beer mug.

    Asahi Breweries Ltd. launched initial sales of the new version of the popular "Super Dry" brand at convenience stores on April 6. Sales at other outlets are set to start on April 20.

    The company took four years to develop the mug-can under the concept: "At home, consumers can feel like they are drinking draft beer from a mug served at a bar." Special coating inside the can produces fine foam. As the top of the can comes off entirely, the brewer said it's easy to take in the aroma, and the beer can be enjoyed like it just came from the tap.

    The brand manager at the company's beer marketing department, which developed the new can, told the Mainichi Shimbun, "Though there were various high hurdles to overcome, such as developing a top that doesn't cut a person's hands or mouth, and creating foam similar to draft beer served at bars, we've worked as one to develop it. We want customers to be excited about the draft beer cans."


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