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Japan Photo Journal: Turtles line up to dry their shells at park in Fukuoka

(Mainichi/Toshio Araki)

Numerous turtles are seen lined up one after another in order to secure a place to dry their shells just after the cherry blossom season ended at Katsumori Park in the Fukuoka Prefecture city of Iizuka on April 5, 2021. Koshiro Eto, a 34-year-old curator at Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History in Kitakyushu's Yahatahigashi Ward, says the animals are red-eared sliders, an alien species that can damage the ecosystem. Since they are poikilotherm, turtles warm their bodies under the sun and stretch their necks and feet to sterilize their body surface, which is apparently why there are many opportunities to observe them during this season when temperatures in the morning and at night tend to be cool. Eto explained, "They are usually calm, but please refrain from moving intensely or relocating them to a different pond."

    (Japanese original by Toshio Araki, Chikuho Bureau)

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