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Japan Photo Journal: Hokkaido squirrel and blue flowers make rare joint appearance

(Mainichi/Taichi Kaizuka)

A Hokkaido squirrel makes an appearance in a field full of blue corydalis ambigua on the grounds of Urausu Shrine in the Hokkaido town of Urausu on April 24. This is the only time of year in which the flowers and the squirrels are seen together, prompting shutterbugs to flock to the town in Japan's northernmost prefecture. Several squirrels have made the forest surrounding the shrine their home, and are seen coming down from their nests up in the trees early in the morning to eat and run around. A representative for the town's tourism association said, "To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we'd like people to enjoy the sight of the squirrels and the flowers while taking measures such as social distancing."

    (Japanese original by Taichi Kaizuka, Hokkaido Photo Group)

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