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Japan Photo Journal: Samurai helmets crafted ahead of Children's Day on May 5

(Mainichi/Takao Kitamura)

Ceramic samurai warrior helmets are seen in Koka, Shiga Prefecture, in west Japan. At Meizan Ceramics Industry Co.'s Shigarakiyaki pottery studio in the city, shipping of the ceramic samurai helmets is at its peak ahead of Children's Day on May 5, 2021. After the clay helmets are fired in a kiln, the "maedate" crests stretching from the front and other parts are gilded, giving them a stately appearance. They come in three sizes: large, medium and small. The studio's ninth-generation ceramist Shinya Ishino, 42, commented, "I hope the children grow up sturdily like these helmets. As people are spending more time at home than before, I also hope they enjoy them as interior decorations." Orders for the helmets can be placed through the studio's website. Prices start at 30,800 yen (about $283) including tax.

    (Japanese original by Takao Kitamura, Osaka Photo Department)

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