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Japan Photo Journal: Carp streamers set underwater for Children's Day off Wakayama Pref.

(Mainichi/Yoshihiro Yamamoto)

Carp streamers are seen underwater off Cape Shionomisaki in Kushimoto, in the west Japan prefecture of Wakayama, on April 27. Kushimoto Diving Partnership, a union of 24 diving businesses in the town, set up the large underwater streamers ahead of Children's Day on May 5. Seven divers stretched a rope measuring about 30 meters between metal stakes driven into rocks located in a 12-meter-deep diving spot called "Sumizaki," 200 meters off the cape, and attached a total of 15 streamers including carp, which are standard for Children's Day, as well as tuna and bonito, each measuring between 2 and 5 meters in length. Katsumasa Taniguchi, a 41-year-old member of the union commented, "People can approach the streamers from both above and beneath them because they're swimming with them underwater. We've taken measures to prevent coronavirus infections, so I want people to take fun videos and photos and show them to their children." The streamers are on display underwater until May 6.

    (Japanese original by Yoshihiro Yamamoto, Gobo Local Bureau)

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