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Man in his 20s with no underlying conditions dies from COVID-19 at Kyoto home

Kyoto city hall is seen in the city's Nakagyo Ward. (Mainichi/Yusuke Kaite)

KYOTO -- A local man in his 20s who tested positive for the coronavirus on May 2 has died while recuperating at home, the Kyoto Municipal Government announced on the evening of May 12.

    Although he wanted to be hospitalized, reportedly no hospitals accepted him. He did not have any underlying conditions, and his death was apparently caused by COVID-19 pneumonia.

    The western Japan city said the man worked in the restaurant industry, and was living alone. On April 29 he developed a fever of 39.5 degrees Celsius, and had a cold and phlegm, and was confirmed positive for the coronavirus by a medical institution he visited on May 2.

    Because he wanted to be hospitalized the next day, the local public health center requested a place be secured for him by Kyoto Prefecture's control center -- which centrally administers hospital beds for the prefecture's coronavirus patients -- but he could not be admitted.

    By May 4 a hospital bed was still not secured for him, and the public health center continued to monitor his condition with phone calls. On May 5, he didn't answer five calls from the health center. Prefectural police reportedly notified the health center at around 1 a.m. the following day that the man had died at home.

    Among other announcements on the evening of May 12, the prefectural and municipal governments said that Kyoto Prefecture had confirmed 148 new coronavirus cases that day. The infection route was unknown in 76 cases.

    Broken down, 89 of the infected people are from the city of Kyoto; 15 from the city of Uji; 13 from the city of Muko; eight from the city of Joyo; four from the city of Maizuru; three each from the city of Nagaokakyo, city of Yawata and town of Kumiyama; two each from the cities of Fukuchiyama, Kameoka and Kyotango; one each from the city of Kizugawa and the town of Ide; and two from outside of the prefecture.

    As of 4 p.m. on May 13, a total of 14,076 COVID-19 infections and 195 deaths had been confirmed in Kyoto Prefecture.

    (Japanese original by Yoko Minami, Kyoto Bureau)

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