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Japan Photo Journal: Hot spring workers get COVID-19 shots ahead of tourism season

(Mainichi/Maiko Umeda)

An inn employee, right, is seen receiving a COVID-19 vaccination in Kobe's Kita Ward on June 21, 2021, as part of workplace inoculations launched by the Arima Hot Springs Tourism Association. Vaccinations at workplaces and other locations went into full swing across Japan that day with those aged 64 or under getting the shots in many parts of the country. While most of the recipients were employees of big companies, group inoculations were also offered to hot spring resort workers and truck drivers to ensure safe tourism. At the Arima Onsen hot spring resort in Kobe, about 120 hotel employees and geisha received vaccinations at banquet halls and other locations. A total of 1,900 workers are scheduled to get the second jab by Aug. 12, when the number of tourists will reach its peak ahead of the Obon holiday season. "As we receive many elderly guests, I'm relieved I've been able to get vaccinated. I'd like to welcome our guests while staying healthy," commented a geisha named Ichiharu.


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