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Visitors to Osaka zoo greeted by plenty of new faces after pandemic closure baby boom

A baby Francois' leaf monkey born on May 21, 2021 is seen at Osaka Tennoji Zoo in the city of Osaka's Tennoji Ward on June 22, 2021. The endangered monkey species is native to southern China and northern Vietnam. The adults are black with white cheeks, but their babies' fur is orange. The baby will stay orange until around October, according to the zoo. (Mainichi/Shiro Matsui)
Ho-chan, a female polar bear born in November 2020, is seen at Osaka Tennoji Zoo in the city of Osaka's Tennoji Ward on June 22, 2021. (Mainichi/Shiro Matsui)

OSAKA -- Osaka Tennoji Zoo in this city's Tennoji Ward reopened on June 22 after a nearly two-month closure as an anti-coronavirus measure, and visitors stampeded to catch a glimpse of the park's newer faces, including a bevy of newborns.

    Female polar bear Ho-chan, born last November, had people lining up to see her. The young bear jumped into her pool and bustled about the hills in her enclosure, all to the delight of visitors capturing every moment of her antics on camera.

    During its closure, the zoo saw a baby boom, with tiny additions to its California sea lion and Francois' leaf monkey collections, among others. And all the baby animals were on their cutest behavior for the reopening.

    Fuu the Amur tiger, who came from Akita Omoriyama Zoo in March, is seen at Osaka Tennoji Zoo in Osaka's Tennoji Ward on June 22, 2021. He made his official debut at the Osaka zoo on this day. (Mainichi/Shiro Matsui)

    Another new face at the park was 1-year-old male Amur tiger Fuu, who arrived from Akita Omoriyama Zoo in the north Japan city of Akita in March and had yet to appear in public when the zoo closed on April 24. So June 22 was Fuu's official debut.

    Osaka Tennoji Zoo is still limiting visitor numbers due to the pandemic, and reservations are required for visits on weekends and holidays.

    (Japanese original by Shiro Matsui, Editorial Production Center)

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