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Text of Commitment to Peace by Hiroshima children on 76th anniv. of atomic bombing

Children's representatives Maria Ito, right, and Yoshimasa Takumi read out the Commitment to Peace, at Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima's Naka Ward on Aug. 6, 2021. (Mainichi/Kenji Ikai)

HIROSHIMA -- The following is the full text of the Commitment to Peace statement read by two local children at a ceremony to mark the 76th anniversary of the Aug. 6, 1945 atomic bombing of the city.


    We have a mission.

    The tragedy that happened on that day in Hiroshima.

    We learn about it, we listen to the thoughts and pleas of the hibakusha, and we think.

    We must tell the people of the world, tell the next generation about how precious and how important peace truly is.

    August 6, 1945, 8:15 a.m.

    The ruined city of Hiroshima burned red and was charred to black.

    "I wish I had died instead of my big brother."

    There is no end to the sadness wrought by losing a loved one or the pain of those who survived.

    Despite their wounded hearts, the hibakusha looked to the future, vowing that

    "We, the youth, will prove that we can build a peaceful world."

    Hearts full of sadness and pain, the hibakusha never lost the will to live; supporting one another, they stood up and worked for the reconstruction of Hiroshima.

    True goodbyes aren't being unable to meet again; they are when their existence is forgotten.

    We cannot forget those who became victims on that day, ever.

    We cannot allow our tragic past to be repeated.

    What we want is peace, not just in Japan, but in every country of the world.

    In order to achieve that, we want to take action believing that even something small can change the world.

    We never want to give up trying to make the world a place where everyone can live in happiness.

    We will keep working for a conflict-free future and the day when everyone on earth can genuinely say that there is peace.

    We, the children of Hiroshima, will hold our mission in our hearts and pass these sentiments on to the next generation.

    Children's Representatives:

    Maria Ito (6th grade, Hiroshima City Fukuromachi Elementary School)

    Yoshimasa Takumi (6th grade, Hiroshima City Itsukaichi-higashi Elementary School)

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