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Osaka Pref. man, 73, dies after apparent wild boar attack

A wild boar (Mainichi/Osamu Sukagawa)

OSAKA -- An older man in an Osaka Prefecture village died after apparently being attacked by a wild boar on Aug. 19.

    A passerby in the village of Chihayaakasaka's Kobuki district made an emergency call around 4:20 p.m. the same day, saying: "A man, he's about 70, is stuck in a ditch and can't get out. He's saying 'a wild boar attacked me.'" According to Osaka Prefectural Police's Tondabayashi Police Station, a local 73-year-old man was found in a village road ditch and bleeding all over his body. He was taken to the hospital, but confirmed dead about an hour later.

    According to the police station, the man had over seven wounds apparently from being gored, including on his chest and foot. Animal footprints were found in nearby rice paddies, and a collapsed bicycle apparently belonging to the man was left on the road. Police are investigating the cause of death with a view to it being highly possible he was attacked by a wild boar or other animal.

    The scene is in a mountainous area 3.6 kilometers southeast of Kintetsu Railway Co.'s Kawachi-Nagano Station.

    (Japanese original by Kumiko Yasumoto, Osaka City News Department)

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