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2 COVID patients die at home in Japan's Chiba Pref., one found 3 days after death

Chiba Prefectural Government headquarters (Mainichi/Yuki Machino)

KASHIWA, Chiba -- A COVID-19 patient in her 60s who was recuperating at home was found dead about three days after her death, the Kashiwa Municipal Government announced on Aug. 30.

    According to the city east of Tokyo, the woman was first diagnosed with a mild case at a local medical institution on Aug. 10 and remained at home with her husband, who is in his 60s. However, her husband was taken to the hospital after a passerby found him collapsed outside his home on Aug. 14, and no one noticed anything unusual about the woman.

    The local city public health center tried to contact the woman on Aug. 11, 12, and 14, but there was no response. On Aug. 17, her husband's employer contacted the public health center saying that they had not been able to reach him since Aug. 13, and when officials of the public health center and the Kashiwa Police Station visited their home that day, the woman was found dead inside.

    According to the Kashiwa Police Station, the time of death is estimated to be around Aug. 14. The cause of death is not yet known.

    In a separate case, the Chiba Prefectural Government announced on Aug. 30 that a man in his 20s infected with the coronavirus died on Aug. 18 while recuperating at home. The man had tested positive on Aug. 16.

    (Japanese original by Toshiaki Hashimoto, Kashiwa Local Bureau, and Mizuki Tomi, Chiba Bureau)

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