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Japanese singer Gackt on indefinite hiatus to focus on medical treatment

This photo shows Japanese singer and actor Gackt. (Mainichi/Nozomu Takeuchi)

TOKYO -- Japanese singer and actor Gackt has taken an indefinite hiatus due to poor health, his agency announced on his official website on Sept. 8.

    According to the announcement, after returning to Japan on Aug. 6, Gackt contacted his agency saying that his health was not good, and then his condition suddenly deteriorated. "His neurological disorder from childhood triggered a temporary life-threatening condition," the agency reported.

    The 48-year-old singer's poor health continued for several weeks, but his condition is now stable, although he has lost about 10 kilograms. However, he suffered a severe vocal disorder, and the doctor judged that it was impossible for him to continue his work using his voice at this stage.

    "He will return overseas to see his doctor for a thorough examination of his chronic illness and vocal disorder, and then focus on treatment in order to resume his activities," the announcement said.

    After working as a vocalist in a rock band, Gackt began his solo career in 1999, and has also worked as an actor, playing the role of Uesugi Kenshin, a powerful samurai warrior of the 16th century, in public broadcaster NHK's period drama "The Trusted Confidant (Furin Kazan)," and starring in the 2019 movie "Fly Me to the Saitama." He is also well known for his record of consecutive individual wins on the popular program "Geinojin Kakuzuke Check" on TV Asahi.

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