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Sister of Sri Lankan who died in Nagoya detention to leave Japan over mental stress

Wishma Sandamali's sister Wayomi is seen at a press conference ahead of her return to Sri Lanka, on Sept. 21, 2021, in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. A picture of Wishma is by Wayomi's side. (Mainichi/Naoki Watanabe)

TOKYO -- The younger sister of Wishma Sandamali, a Sri Lankan who died in March while detained at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau, will return to Sri Lanka due to emotional stress and other reasons, it was revealed on Sept. 21.

    Wishma's sister Wayomi, 28, came to Japan after her sister died in detention at age 33. In August, the Immigration Services Agency of Japan released its final report into the problematic events leading to Wishma's death. In accordance with the wishes of her bereaved family, the bureau released facility security camera video of Wishma when she was alive.

    The family have only seen about half of the footage due its shocking nature, among other reasons. At a press conference in Tokyo, Wayomi gave several statements including, "Every day I remember it (the video) and can't sleep. I feel such stress from all this, but I will not give up until the truth is revealed."

    Her sister Poornima, 27, will remain in Japan, and is calling for the footage to be shown in the presence of legal representatives.

    (Japanese original by Masakatsu Yamamoto, Tokyo City News Department)

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