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Japan local gov'ts to send out 3rd COVID shot vouchers from Nov.

This photo shows syringes for vaccines. (Mainichi/Naotsune Umemura)

TOYKO -- Local governments in Japan will prepare booster vaccine vouchers to be sent out from November to those who have received their second COVID-19 shot, after the health ministry requested they start arranging a system to administer third doses as early as December during a briefing session on Sept. 22.

    Under the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry's plan, the target individuals for the booster shots are likely those who got their second dose roughly eight months prior or earlier. While concrete criteria for those who are eligible for the third shots or when they will start have yet to be decided, if all individuals were to become subject to the booster shots, the third dose vaccination is expected to start in December for medical professionals who had priority vaccination starting in February.

    For individuals who received their second dose some time ago, local governments will confirm their vaccination history on the central government's Vaccination Record System as well as on vaccine ledgers and send out vouchers in stages. For those who have moved to a different municipality since their second dose, they will need to apply for booster vaccine tickets.

    (Japanese original by Sooryeon Kim, Lifestyle and Medical News Department)

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