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Japan Photo Journal: White buckwheat flowers showcase traditional buildings

(Mainichi/Kazuki Yamazaki)

Buckwheat flowers are in peak bloom at the thatched house community Kayabuki no Sato in Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture, designated by the government as a preservation district for a group of traditional buildings. The flowers will be in full bloom until the end of September. Residents of the city have been cultivating buckwheat flowers using fallow fields since around 2002. The white flowers were chosen as they suit the surrounding landscape, such as old thatched-roof houses, and can be enjoyed by visitors. Second-year university student Mayuko Ito visited from Kyoto's Kamigyo Ward with friends. "I was moved by the white scenery. I want to come back when I can enjoy buckwheat noodles."

    (Japanese original by Kazuki Yamazaki, Osaka Photo Department)

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