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East Japan city official sacked for coming to work drunk, impersonating cop

This 2015 photo shows the inside of the Kashiwa Municipal Government building. (Mainichi/Toshiaki Hashimoto)

KASHIWA, Chiba -- A male employee of the Kashiwa Municipal Government has been dismissed on disciplinary grounds for repeatedly engaging in problematic behavior such as coming to work very drunk, the city government announced on Sept. 27.

    According to the city, the 50-year-old unit chief of the Shonan branch office of the citizens affairs department was sent home in June 2018 after arriving at work under the influence of alcohol. In the same month, after drinking alcohol, he impersonated a police officer and cautioned touts, and was severely warned by a real police officer.

    Furthermore, in August 2018, in order to obtain consent for marriage from the parents of a woman living with him, he falsely claimed that the woman was pregnant and received a maternal and child health handbook.

    The employee had been on sick leave for three years since July 2018, but failed to submit a doctor's certificate for one year and nine months, and reportedly worked for a temporary civil engineering staffing company during that time without permission from the city government. The official had been absent from his city job without notice since July 2021.

    The man was hired by the Kashiwa Municipal Government in Chiba Prefecture in April 2013, but his salary had not been paid since July 2019. The city government has not been able to contact the employee since September 2020, and his family has filed a missing-person report.

    (Japanese original by Toshiaki Hashimoto, Kashiwa Local Bureau)

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