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Japan convenience store FamilyMart to integrate private brands under new name 'Famimaru'

The FamilyMart logo is seen on a store. (Mainichi/Kazuhisa Soneda)

TOKYO -- Convenience store chain FamilyMart Co. held a news conference on Oct. 18 ahead of the renewal of its private brands, which will be integrated under the name "Famimaru."

    The Japanese convenience store giant's private brands, including the "Mom's Diner" series and "FamilyMart Collection," will be integrated under the new brand name from Oct. 19. In regards to the name "Mom's Diner," there had been criticism that it would "implant in society the view that cooking is a mother's task."

    Products belonging to the Famimaru brand will be sold at some 16,600 stores across the country. About 810 types of products, including onigiri rice balls and sandwiches that had not been categorized under any specific brand name, fall under the new brand.

    FamilyMart President Kensuke Hosomi said in the Oct. 18 presentation conference, "We are carrying out a grand renewal of our private brands, which are the face of the company, to express the company's will to continue changing. Our target is to raise the sales ratio to 35% or above by the end of fiscal 2024."

    A group of high school students had launched an online signature-collecting campaign demanding for a change in the name of FamilyMart's ready-made meal series "Mom's Diner." In response to this, there was opposition on social media, calling the move "policing the use of words."

    Hikaru Adachi, marketing general manager at FamilyMart, commented, "Reform of the FamilyMart Collection and Mom's Diner brands had been settled on for some time, and the signature-collecting campaign itself is not the reason behind the decision for innovation." He added, "We also received various opinions and signatures. Famimaru is the result of sufficient consideration, including that to produce a name, concept and packaging that will be accepted by people of all generations and genders."

    (Japanese original by Ayane Matsuyama, Business News Department)

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