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Japan Photo Journal: Grape 'jewelry box' popular gift for distant loved-ones

(Mainichi/Kenji Konoha)

Boxes resembling jewelry cases bursting with colorful grapes, a specialty of Okayama Prefecture, are seen in the prefectural city of Kurashiki in this recent photo. The popular "jewelry box of grapes" sold by Kurashiki-based RQM Co., weighs around 800 grams. Each box, measuring about 15 centimeters on a side, contains four to six seasonal varieties from the about 30 grown in the area. The boxes are sold at department stores and online until early November, when the grapes are harvested. RQM's president said, "Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are sending them to distant relatives they can't meet, and demand has been increasing since last year. I hope the glittering grapes will put a smile on their faces."

    (Japanese original by Kenji Konoha, Osaka Photo Department)

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