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150,000 cosmos plants in full bloom at temple in west Japan's Nara

"Cosmos glass cubes," in which cosmos flowers are floating in cubic glass containers filled with water, are seen at Hannyaji temple in the city of Nara on Oct. 9, 2021. (Mainichi/Mizuki Hayashi)

NARA -- Flowers of some 150,000 cosmos plants are in full bloom at Hannyaji temple -- also known as the "cosmos temple" -- in this west Japan city. Also delighting visitors to the temple are "cosmos glass cubes" -- cubic glass containers filled with water on which cosmos flowers are floated.

    A total of 150,000 cosmos plants of about 20 varieties are adorning the grounds of the temple with colorful flowers including red and white ones. Flowers floating in glass cubes look flamboyant like jewels, and visitors are taking photos of them with smartphones and other cameras.

    The flowers at the temple began to bloom later than usual this season, so they can apparently be enjoyed until around mid-November.

    Deputy chief priest Kennin Kudo, 35, said, "I hope people will admire the cosmos flowers and nature and feel the heart of Buddha, too."

    (Japanese original by Mizuki Hayashi, Nara Bureau)

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