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$25,000 in cash found in household trash at recycling center in central Japan city

Banknotes found in household trash are seen in this photo provided by the Tsu Municipal Government.

TSU -- A total of 2.86 million yen (about $25,000) in cash has been found in household trash at a municipal garbage disposal and recycling center, the Tsu Municipal Government in central Japan announced on Oct. 27.

    According to the city government's environmental facilities division, a contractor commissioned to operate the municipal recycling center found a large amount of banknotes at around 11:20 a.m. on the day while sorting out metallic waste on a conveyor belt. All of them were 10,000-yen notes with a portrait of Japanese author Yukichi Fukuzawa and they weren't in envelopes or containers.

    The trash containing the money is believed to have been delivered to the center on Oct. 26 or earlier. Non-burnable waste including metals and plastic bottles are brought in to the facility from across the city, and it is unclear exactly when and where the money was collected. The city is probing whether there is more cash dumped at the facility.

    Several thousand yen in cash (under $90) or less is found at the recycling center a few times a year, but this is the first time a huge amount of money has been found there. The municipal government took the money to Tsu Police Station as a lost and found item. If three months pass without the owner coming forward, the money will reportedly become the city's revenue.

    (Japanese original by Koichi Tanaka, Tsu Bureau)

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