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Jetstar Japan offers 2-hr charter flight to one group for $8,800 on Valentine's Day

An Airbus A320 plane operated by Jetstar Japan Co. is seen in the city of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, on Oct. 3, 2021. (Mainichi/Tadakazu Nakamura)

NARITA, Chiba -- A lucky group of up to six people could win the opportunity to charter a jet plane on a sightseeing flight passing over Mount Fuji for around two hours on Valentine's Day next year for 1 million yen (approximately $8,800).

    Low-cost carrier Jetstar Japan Co. will accept applications for the chartered flight on its website between Dec. 7 and 16, and offer the flight to a lottery winner. The plane will depart from and arrive at Narita International Airport, east of Tokyo.

    The airline envisages a circular route flying above Mount Fuji using a small Airbus A320, which usually accommodates 180 passengers. Two pilots and a cabin attendant will apparently be on board.

    Pointing out that people have not been able to travel freely for a prolonged period due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company suggested, "Why don't you get a Valentine's Day charter flight to make up for the days you couldn't spend time with your loved ones?"

    Jetstar will also start selling a total of 100 lucky bags containing either three, four, five, six, eight or 10 flight tickets at the "n_space" pop-up store in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on Dec. 26. Each ticket is valid for one of Jetstar Japan's regular flight routes. The lucky bag tickets are priced at 2,022 yen apiece (about $18) as the company hopes that "this will become the new start of experiencing travel in 2022 to make up for the past 20 months of patience."

    (Japanese original by Tadakazu Nakamura, Narita Bureau)

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