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McDonald's Japan again selling only small-size fries for a month amid supply issues

McDonald's french fries are seen in this April 2017 file photo. (Mainichi)

TOKYO -- Once again, McDonald's Co. (Japan) has announced on Jan. 7 that it will temporarily only sell its french fries in small sizes.

    For about a month starting Jan. 9, the fast food giant will limit its fries servings to small portions, including in meals.

    McDonald's Japan suspended sales of medium and large fries between Dec. 24 and 30, 2021, because of delayed potatoes imports due to supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic and flooding in Vancouver, Canada, where ships carrying potatoes pass.

    The chain's restaurants resumed sales of medium and large sizes on Dec. 31 once the company could expect to procure potatoes by air deliveries and other means. But ship delays have reportedly worsened due to bad weather and other reasons.

    Large "potenage" (a large serving of fries and 10 nuggets) and extra-large "potenage" (two large servings of fries and 15 nuggets) usually served during evening and night business hours will also be suspended from sale over the same period.

    (Japanese original by Digital News Center)

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