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Bedridden Nepali man at Japan immigration center demands surgery, says life at risk

The Omura Immigration Center is seen in the city of Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, in this file photo taken on Oct. 4, 2019. (Mainichi/Yuki Imano)

NAGASAKI -- A lawyer representing a Nepali man detained at the Omura Immigration Center in the Nagasaki Prefecture city of Omura has filed a request for the center to improve its health care provisions and facilitate the man's surgery, claiming that his life is being put in danger.

    In a human rights redress request filed with the prefecture's bar association, the attorney said the 39-year-old is bedridden and his condition has deteriorated, adding that "his life is in danger and he needs proper treatment as quickly as possible."

    The detainee has been seeking compensation from the Japanese government, and argues that he developed trouble walking after his condition was exacerbated by lack of access to proper treatment.

    According to the complaint and other sources, the man injured his left hip joint while playing soccer at the immigration center in April 2019. A medical examination was put off, and in August that year a hospital outside the facility diagnosed him with femur head necrosis. But he was only prescribed painkillers and could not get proper treatment, leading his condition to worsen. He also developed a urination disorder, and in late 2021 he was taken by ambulance to hospital for severe back pain.

    In the written request dated Jan. 17, the attorney asserted that "the man's right to receive appropriate medical care was infringed on, and his health deteriorated. The immigration center neglected its duty to decide he was a candidate for surgery, and has left his illness to worsen, which constitutes a human rights violation." The statement goes on to demand the immigration center facilitate the man's surgery and make the facility barrier-free.

    According to the lawyer and other supporters, the Nepali man is unable to sit in a wheelchair and lies on a stretcher during visits. He has reportedly pleaded for surgery soon.

    (Japanese original by In Tanaka, Nagasaki Bureau)

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