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New tourist spot based on popular 'KochiKame' manga series to open in Tokyo in FY2024

Statues of characters from the manga series "KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops" are seen near the south exit of JR Kameari Station in the Kameari district of Tokyo's Katsushika Ward on Feb. 14, 2022. (Mainichi/Kazuo Yanagisawa)

TOKYO -- In the Kameari district of Tokyo's Katsushika Ward, where the popular manga series "KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops" is set, the ward office is poised to build a new tourist attraction based on the manga, it has been learned.

    The opening of the facility is slated for the 2024 fiscal year, and a budget of 89 million yen (approx. $774,000) has been allocated in the 2022 fiscal budget for basic design and the rental of the planned construction site.

    The facility will be newly built on privately owned land near the south exit of JR Kameari Station, and is expected to be five stories high. It is located between the station and a large-scale shopping center, and the hope is that the facility will not only appeal to tourists but also to shoppers who might stop by on their way to the shopping center.

    Explanations on "KochiKame" creator and honorary ward resident Osamu Akimoto's work and his original drawings will be put on display. There also are plans to sell original items based on the manga.

    "KochiKame" is a nationally popular manga that was a series for some 40 years in the weekly manga magazine "Shukan Shonen Jump" until 2016. The Katsushika Ward Office had until now installed 15 bronze statues of characters from the series and manhole covers with designs tied to the manga near the station. The ward office hopes the new facility will gather even more visitors and enliven their community. A ward office official said, "We want to raise our appeal as the site where 'KochiKame' takes place."

    (Japanese original by Kazuo Yanagisawa, Tokyo Bureau)

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