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Tokyo medical group proposes people gradually stop wearing masks outdoors, especially kids

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TOKYO -- The Tokyo Medical Association proposed on May 10 that people gradually stop wearing masks outdoors as a measure against the coronavirus, especially children in the lower grades of elementary school and younger.

    According to the association, there have been reports of cases of children becoming unmotivated due to their restricted lifestyles during the pandemic, or getting into fights due to communication problems because masks hide facial expressions.

    Since more than 80% of the population aged 65 and older, who are considered to be at high risk of serious illness, have received the third COVID-19 booster vaccination in Tokyo, the medical group suggested that young children remove their masks when outdoors where they can practice social distancing, such as playing outside at day care, during physical education classes at school, and while taking walks, in preparation for summer, when they are more at risk of heatstroke.

    (Japanese original by Kazuo Yanagisawa, Tokyo City News Department)

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