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Tokyo reports 3,663 COVID cases on May 17

Pedestrians holding umbrellas walk along a crossing in the rain in Tokyo, on May 13, 2022. (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)

TOKYO -- The Japanese capital recorded 3,663 coronavirus infections on May 17 after registering 2,377 cases the day before, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced.

    Of the 3,663 newly infected people, 1,741 had received two COVID-19 vaccine shots, 33 one shot, and 946 were unvaccinated. The vaccination status of 943 was unknown.

    As of May 17, a total of 1,131 of Tokyo's 7,229 coronavirus-designated beds were filled, bringing the proportion of beds in use to 15.6%, while 2.4% of beds for severe patients were in use, with 19 out of 804 available beds filled.

    There were nine COVID-19 deaths reported on May 17, and total coronavirus fatalities in Tokyo stand at 4,413.

    Over the first week of May the Japanese capital recorded an average of 2,961.4 new coronavirus infections per day, rising to 4,151.6 in the second week. In April, Tokyo saw a total of 188,112 new infections for an average of 6,270.4 cases per day, down from March's 256,738 total cases, or 8,281.9 per day on average. In February, the capital saw 416,171 new infections, averaging 14,863.3 cases per day.

    Tokyo has recorded 1,497,823 infections to date, the most among Japan's 47 prefectures.


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