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Japan univ. student dies after collapsing during baseball practice, ambulance not called

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GIFU -- A senior in a college baseball team collapsed while running on May 14 and died the following day, a central Japan university announced on May 26.

    The manager of the Gifu Kyoritsu University team and others on the scene did not call an ambulance, but instead transported the 22-year-old male student to a hospital in a team car about 30 minutes after he collapsed. The university, located in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, will establish a third-party committee to investigate whether there were any problems in handling the situation.

    According to the university, the student collapsed on a field during practice on the morning of May 14. He had been running with other members of the team for about an hour under the direction of a staff member. Immediately after he collapsed, he was conscious and was taken to the hospital in the city in a car driven by the manager, who explained to the university that he suspected heatstroke. By the time the student arrived at the hospital, approximately 40 minutes is said to have passed since he collapsed.

    The 22-year-old was found to be infected with the coronavirus in a test before hospitalization. He was transferred to another hospital where infection control measures were taken, but died on May 15. The university has not revealed the cause of death.

    The university decided to set up a third-party committee including external lawyers, and instructed the club's manager and coach to remain at home from May 24.

    A university official said, "We will clarify the facts after the report of the third-party committee is submitted."

    (Japanese original by Takuya Kurozume, Gifu Bureau)

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