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4 Indonesian interns receive letters of appreciation for capturing monkey in Japan

Gabriel Mawu, second from left, and three others are seen after being presented with letters of appreciation for capturing a monkey, in the city of Yamaguchi on Aug. 18, 2022. (Mainichi/Sawako Mori)

YAMAGUCHI -- Four technical intern trainees from Indonesia received letters of appreciation from the mayor of this west Japan city on Aug. 18 for capturing a Japanese macaque in the city's Ogori area, where monkeys had been attacking residents.

    Mayor Kazuki Ito presented letters of appreciation to Gabriel Mawu, 29, and three other employees of the construction company Choshu Kogyo based in the city. At around 9 p.m. on July 28, a monkey entered the firm's dormitory where Mawu and others live through a second-floor window. The monkey jumped onto Mawu, but he held the animal down with his bare hands, and captured it with three other employees, who rushed to help after noticing the commotion.

    Mawu's right arm was scratched by the monkey, but he said, "It's healing now, so I'm fine. I am glad that everyone's worries are over."

    According to Mawu and his colleagues, encounters with monkeys are common in Indonesia, but people are never attacked by them because they run away as soon as seeing a human. The four smiled and said, "We're used to monkeys."

    Mayor Ito said, "We received many requests from our citizens to commend the four people. I am very happy to be able to present them with letters of appreciation."

    A total of 66 people in the Ogori area were injured in monkey attacks from July 8 to 28, but similar incidents have ceased since the four captured the monkey.

    (Japanese original by Sawako Mori, Yamaguchi Bureau)

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