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Slithering surprise: Escaped 1.6-meter-long snake turns up in neighbor's toilet in Japan

A Brazilian Rainbow Boa found in a toilet bowl is seen in this photo provided by Nagasaki Prefectural Police.

NAGASAKI -- An escaped 1.6-meter-long snake that apparently slithered through the drainpipes into the toilet on the second floor of an apartment in the Nagasaki Prefecture town of Saza has been returned to its owner, who lives on the floor below, police announced on Oct. 5.

    According to the Nagasaki Prefectural Police's Emukae Police Station, when the owner, a male office worker, moved the Brazilian Rainbow Boa into the bathtub to wash its terrarium in late September, it escaped toward the adjacent toilet. The man became unable to catch the snake as it entered the gap between the water tank and the wall. Though he had kept an eye on his pet, it disappeared around Oct. 1.

    On Oct. 2, another man living on the second floor opened the lid of his toilet to do his business and found the snake inside, and reported it to the police station. The animal is believed to have traveled from the first floor to the second floor though the drainpipes.

    On the morning of Oct. 5, after seeing news of the snake being captured, the owner called the police station to inform authorities it may be his pet. The owner apologized, "I'm sorry for causing trouble. I will study more about snakes."

    (Japanese original by Hiroki Hayashi, Kyushu News Department)

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