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Mitsubishi set to debut mood-detecting smart air conditioner

TOKYO -- Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has announced an air conditioning unit that can sense the pulses of a room's occupants and adjust its settings based on their moods.

    Mitsubishi Electric's latest smart in-home air conditioner is seen at the company's headquarters in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward on Nov. 1, 2022. (Mainichi/Akihiro Nakajima)

    The latest model in Mitsubishi's "Kirigamine" line of home air conditioners is slated for release in February 2023 with a tax-included retail price between 305,800 and 492,800 yen (about $2,070 to $3,340).

    The unit uses subtle radio waves to measure the pulse of occupants in the room. It then automatically adjusts the temperature and air volume according to estimated moods such as "relaxing" or "tense." It also features a stay-alert mode that can sense when users lose concentration and sends out a cool breeze to help them regain their focus.

    The technology works when users are within around 6 meters of the device. If multiple people are in the room, adjustments will be made based on their overall mood.

    (Japanese original by Akihiro Nakajima, Business News Department)

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