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Rampaging wild boar killed after 2 people injured near Tokyo

The wild boar is seen on the grounds of Suehiro Elementary School in Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, in this photo provided by the city.

HADANO, Kanagawa -- A large wild boar was exterminated after two people were injured in this eastern Japan city near Tokyo on Nov. 24.

    The Hadano Municipal Government received a report from a passerby just after 9 a.m. saying that there was a wild boar near Heiwa Bridge in the city's Tokawa district. The boar later appeared at a commercial facility in the city among other places, and was exterminated by a city government employee using a spear at an elementary school roughly 5 kilometers southeast of the bridge about two hours later.

    According to Kanagawa Prefectural Police's Hadano Police Station, a woman in her 80s tripped over as she tried to avoid the charging boar on the grounds of the Aeon shopping mall's Hadano outlet some 4.5 kms southeast of the bridge at around 10 a.m. She sustained a minor injury to her head. Soon after that, a man in his 30s was rammed by the animal on a street and suffered a minor injury to his leg.

    The wild boar later ran onto the premises of Suehiro Elementary School, and a municipal government employee who was looking for the animal killed it with a spear at around 11 a.m. The boar was male and measured 162 centimeters in length and weighed 88.6 kilograms.

    The city government intends to process the meat of the boar for food. An official said, "This is mating season for wild boars, so we'd like people to make a report to the city or police without approaching the animals if they come across one."

    (Japanese original by Daisuke Makino, Yokohama Bureau)

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