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1st drink mixing Coca-Cola with alcohol to go on sale across Japan in April

A can of "Jack Daniel's & Coca-Cola," the Coca-Cola Company's first version of Coca-Cola that contains alcohol (Image provided by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Ltd.)

TOKYO -- The first ready-to-drink product combining Coca-Cola with an alcoholic beverage will be available across Japan beginning on April 10, the Coca-Cola Company's Japan subsidiary has announced.

    The product, "Jack Daniel's & Coca-Cola," is a collaboration between the Coca-Cola Company and Brown-Forman, maker of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, and is based on the long-loved "Jack Coke" drink mix. First released in Mexico in November 2022, it is also set to hit Japan, other North American countries and Europe, among other places, in sequence.

    In 2018, Coca-Cola (Japan) Company boosted its beverage market share by releasing the Coca-Cola group's first-ever product that contains alcohol, a type of "chuhai," or highball made using Japanese "shochu" liquor, called Lemon-Dou.

    All product development for the multinational Coca-Cola group is managed by the U.S. headquarters. An official with the Japan subsidiary remarked, "The alcoholic drink's success in Japan spurred the U.S. headquarters to develop this new product."

    The suggested retail price will be 210 yen (about $1.55) per 350-milliliter can of Jack Daniel's & Coca-Cola. It contains 7% alcohol by volume.

    (Japanese original by Taiki Asakawa, Business News Department)

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