Haiku in English Tsunami Special

Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami off northeastern Japan on March 11, we received many haiku condolences and heart-warming words from haijin around the world. We thank you for these and are determined to resume our happy daily lives soon, just as people did after World War II, taking to heart the high-spirited slogan "makete tamaruka": We will never be defeated.

Selection 1

japan earthquake
this godless wall
of water

-- o g aksnes (Tonsberg, Norway)

tsunami news
dolls floating
all alone

-- Reza Aerabi (Semnan, Iran)

dear isamu
I hope you and yours are okay.
All the best, George

-- George Swede (Toronto, Canada)

hoping you and your loved ones
are safe given
the recent earthquake

--- Tyrone McDonald (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

the hand of the painter

-- Lech Szeglowski (Gdansk, Poland)

suddenly crows
all rising and falling
the sky turning dark

-- Gwilym Williams (Vienna, Austria)

Our hearts are with you...
Beautiful Japan.

-- john breacher (Lavington, Australia)

Beyond our all senses
A huge earthquake occurred
A long-hibernated bud of

-- Toshio Matsumoto (Osaka, Japan)

Desperate days-
among twisted rubble
cherry white blossoms.

--Remi Pulwer (Toronto, ON, Canada)

winter branches
there is nothing to say
this dark night

-- Bruce Ross (Bangor, ME, USA)

Earthquake in Japan-
its shock wave surrounded
the whole world

-- Vasile Moldovan (Bucharest, Romania)

...so deeply shocked and helpless
Our thoughts and prayers go out to
you and all Japanese people

-- Ramona Linke (Beesenstedt, Germany)

Hope you are OK.
Chanted for your safety
and protection

-- Don Hansbrough (Seattle, WA, USA)

after the earthquake
the wind in the pines
and yowls of stray dogs

-- Sonam Chhoki (Thimphu, Bhutan)

Earthquake comes
Under the bright stars sky
Fear and sorrow

-- Helio Ciffoni (Tokyo, Japan)

If I knew I could write
I would write
But who would be left to read? ...

-- Gus Mancini (Woodstock, NY, USA)

No sign of life
in this ravaged country-
wave of pain

-- druart patrick (Urou et Crennes, France)

For some, strength expands
as difficulty grows, fear
feeds the will to live.

-- Ray Stuart (San Francisco, CA, USA)

ah Fukushima
stay with us!

-- Alan Summers (Bradford-on-Avon, England)


Selection 2

people in pain...
prayers upon prayers sent
with hope and love

-- Keith A. Simmonds (Tunapuna, Trinidad & Tobago)

everything is gone
all the floor is soaked
with tears

-- Zeljko Funda (Varazdin, Croatia)

man in a broken wheel chair
no place to go

-- Radostina A. Angelova (Sofia, Bulgaria)

frozen flower buds
will there be ever a right place
for earthquakes?

-- Heike Gewi (Aden-Crater, Yemen)

I'm looking at the Sun
wiping tears from my eye
sending them to Japan.

-- Vojislav Bubanja (Novi Beogra, Serbia)

one bite and another bite
my thought fly over

-- Umeko Yeaton (Conway, NH, USA)

Prayers for your entire nation.
Here in the land of snow
severe flooding due to snowmelt
four years back
this happened to us...

-- ed markowski (Auburn Hills, MI, USA)

after the tsunami
the man standing
on his floating roof

-- Verica Zivkovic (Serbia)


Selection 3

waiting for the news-
the children folding
only paper cranes

-- Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă (Romania)

German TV
from Osaka now-
closing the sumi-e set

-- Ralf Broeker (Ochtrup, Germany)

The wave kept rising
My eyes filled with sorrow today
The people rise happiness

-- Rob Forsyth (Wellington, New Zealand)

earth fire flood anguish
eyes straight on the Sun
Yamato, forever

-- Edward Moreno (LaPuente, CA, USA)

debris and misery
after the giant wave-
yet children at play

-- Mario Massimo Zontini (Parma, Italy)

gloomy March-
and still the cherry trees
blossom once more

-- Cornel C. Costea (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

O God!
Are you fine?
People are dying.

-- Ram Kumar Panday (Nepal)

cherry trees in bloom
my friend from Fukushima
wipes away the tears

-- Artur Lewandowski (Sieradz, Poland)


Selection 4

Burning atom, orphans of tsunami
Two in together
Russian heart is eager to help

-- Valerij Varyukhim (St. Petersburg, Russia)

folded cranes
one thousand and one wishes
for japan

-- john tiong chung hoo (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

week two-
I wish I had something warmer
to give you words that fits

-- Helen Buckingham (Bristol, UK)

world in grief
prayers of hope

-- Victor Gendrano (Lakewood, CA, USA)

after the tsunami
a wave of hope

-- Stephen A. Peters (Bellingham, WA, USA)

grandma counting
a long string of beads...

-- Keith A. Simmonds (Tunapuna, Trinidad & Tobago)

a blade of grass again...
from the long crack
on the dry field

-- K. Ramesh (Chennai, India)

Merciless disasters
sweeping into a wasteland
sympathy flowing in

-- Rahadian Tanjung (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Selection 5

after the tsunami
the spring moon reflected
on a floating window

-- Verica Zivkovic (Serbia)

dark shadows
of a nuclear plant...
the full moon

--Keith A. Simmonds (Tunapuna, Trinidad & Tobago)

along a toll road
the mirrors of rice fields
reflecting the past

-- jerry ball (Walnut Creek, CA, USA)

once tsunamis
now wavelets at my feet
so many broken shells!

-- William Cullen Jr (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

spring moon
immersing into the light
of lost names

--Ramona Linke (Beesenstedt, Germany)

the water recedes...
Aeneas and Anchises
in wave after wave

-- Scott Mason (Chappaqua, New York, USA)