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Privacy Statement and Cookies

Privacy Policy

The Mainichi is an online news site operated by The Mainichi Newspapers. The Mainichi Newspapers owns the editorial rights, and personal information collected by The Mainichi through questionnaires, contest entries and applications for prize drawings. Letters to the editor are managed by The Mainichi Newspapers' Digital Media Division, unless otherwise specified. The information collected is stored and used under strictly supervised conditions by the Mainichi and is not provided to third parties.

Use of Personal Information

The Mainichi Newspapers uses personal information within the scope described when it is collected. Such information will not be used for any other purposes or provided to third parties without the knowledge of the person concerned. However, after being processed so that personal identity cannot be ascertained, it may be used or offered as marketing data in relation to advertisers or affiliated companies.

Security Measures

The Mainichi Newspapers' Digital Media Division assigns officers to implement effective and appropriate security measures to protect collected personal information from unlawful access, loss, destruction, alteration, and other threats. In case of outsourcing data processing, The Mainichi Newspapers has agreements with trustworthy contractors based on the Mainichi's strict personal information protection policy.

Scope of Responsibility

The Mainichi Newspapers is not responsible for the personal information collected or used by linked sites or the sites of its advertisers. Please refer to the respective sites for their policies regarding the handling of personal information.


Cookies are used by website administrators to enhance visitor convenience and personalize the Internet experience. Cookies are sent to a visitor's device when they access a Mainichi Newspapers site, and are used to collect information about the visit. No personal information specifically identifying the visitor is collected. The Mainichi uses cookies, but most pages can be viewed without accepting them. If you prefer, you can set your browser to reject cookies. However, please note that rejecting cookies may cause constraints on certain functions.

Third-Party Cookies

The Mainichi Newspapers' sites use some third-party cookies related to site functionality and analysis, as well as for advertising. The following is a list of third-party sources of cookies sent via The Mainichi Newspapers' sites.

Cookies for Recommending Articles, Traffic Analysis and Internal Site Analysis

Cxense ASA
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Outbrain Inc.
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User Local, Inc.
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- Security and privacy in Universal Analytics (Opt out)
- Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Cookies for Advertising Distribution

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- Interest-Based Ads Opt Out
- Control your Google ads

Yahoo Japan Corp.
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Cyber Communications Inc.
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Aol Platforms Japan KK
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Rakuten Inc.
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Microad Inc.
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OPT Inc.
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Fringe81 Co.
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Platform One Inc.
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F@N Communications, Inc.
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ScaleOut Inc.
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Gunosy Inc.
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CMerTV, Inc.
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- Privacy Policy (and about cookies) (Japanese)

Behavioral Targeted Advertising

Some of The Mainichi Newspapers' websites carry so-called "Behavioral Targeted Advertising". These types of ads are one way to display products and services that may be of most interest to the website user. Based on users' browsing histories as indicated by cookies on their device, behavioral targeted advertising systems break visitors to the Mainichi sites into "clusters" created from analysis of their interests. The system then displays ads most relevant to these clusters.

The cookies accessed by the behavioral targeted advertising are used only for advertising purposes, and contains no information that could be used to identify specific site visitors.

Third-Party Advertising

Some of the ads on The Mainichi Newspapers' websites may be delivered by a third party. If a visitor to a Mainichi website clicks on one of these third-party ads, the third-party website will collect the visitor's cookie data. Cookie information collected by third-party advertisers is not revealed or provided to The Mainichi Newspapers, and is managed according to the third-party advertiser's privacy policy.

Please click here to see a list of third-party advertisers, and links to their privacy and cookie opt-out policies. Please note that some of these websites are only in Japanese.

Main Types of Information Collected

Using cookies and other means, The Mainichi Newspapers websites sometimes automatically collect user site access and browsing histories, among other information (hereafter referred to as "user data"). User data can include browser type, operating system, IP address location, pages viewed, time spent on each page, and other information. User data contains no information that could be used to identify specific site visitors.

Disabling Cookies (or Opting Out)

Accepting cookies is the responsibility of the user, and users can refuse to accept cookies through their web browser settings, or via the opt-out pages provided by third-party companies. However, users should be aware that disabling cookies may cause some site content to fail to display properly, disable some site functionality and features, or cause the same ads to be shown to the user repeatedly.

Disabling cookies in your browser
You can set your browser preferences to block all cookies or display a warning before accepting them. To find out how to change your cookie preferences, please select "Help" from the menu bar and do a search for "cookie."

Using third-party opt-out pages
For a list of third-party cookie sources, their privacy and cookie policies, and opt-out pages, please click here.

Please note that there are some types of cookies offered through The Mainichi Newspapers' sites that cannot be disabled.

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